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Different Types Of Fine Art Objects That Need Packers And Movers

Different Types Of Fine Art Objects That Need Packers And Movers 1000x631 1

Art objects require extra care and attention. Any piece of art possesses a great deal of both sentimental and monetary value. And therefore, while moving these items, one must always be careful with their packaging and transportation.

Each item requires a specific packing process that you might not be aware of. Therefore, DIY is a risky move here. To prevent any damage, hiring packing and moving professionals is a must. Packers and movers offering fine art moving services assess the nature and condition of every item before deciding on the packing solution. Not everything is made of a standard size, shape and robust material. There are intricate and fragile objects that require special attention. Some objects might require temperature-controlled units during transit, while some don’t.

Right here are types of fine art objects that require packing and moving services.


Museums, art galleries, and art collectors possess a vast collection of artefacts. These include textile and canvas paintings, stone and metal sculptures, wooden objects, weaponry, manuscripts and more. These, however, are brought under one roof for conservation or exhibition from different places.

Moving artwork is a tricky process. The art piece might be in poor condition that needs repairing. And to prevent further damage, moving and packing specialists ensure they provide full-proof packaging to it.

Nonetheless, if they are in excellent condition, they still require packaging to prevent them from damaging. Artwork including framed art like paintings, photographs or glass objects have corners vulnerable to scratches and nicks. Therefore, with the overall packaging, it is important to surround these arts with corner protections.

The professionals will study the dimensions of the object and then provide a solution suitable for the packaging. Like objects larger than standard size like wall art, mosaic, stone sculpture, weaponry and others require custom crating or boxing to protect the piece.

Valuables and antiques

A family heirloom can be anything. It can be a sculpture, crockery items, furniture, watch or any antique that will need protection if you decide to move to a new place. These objects are irreplaceable and possess a high value in the market. And therefore, to handle these objects, hiring packers and movers is highly recommendable.

However, it is difficult to trust someone with your valuable objects. But, packers and movers are trained to handle such items with utmost care and safety. Rest assured, your treasure is in the safest hand possible on this planet.


Galleries, museums, art exhibitions, wherever these works are setting out from, or travelling to, hiring packers and movers is a must. The best packers and movers manage all fine art logistics with the necessary care.

At Mega Pack and Carry, we offer customized packing and moving solutions specific to the art object. We make sure the integrity of the work is preserved and no damage comes to the artwork in the moving process.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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