Shift Offices Easily With Mega’s Office Shifting Services

Shifting your office is not an easy task. You have to take care of expensive equipment, machinery, office furniture and even utilities and collaterals. Hence, relying on office shifting services proves to be a practical choice

At Mega Pack and Carry we have carefully crafted our office shifting services to help you shift your office seamlessly. We cater to city and intercity shifting requirements along with any additional services that your business might need.

To help you in this magnanimous task, Mega has trained its staff and workers with skills that enable them to easily manage your goods with timely deliveries.

We take special precautions throughout the process to ensure that all your equipment is securely transported

Our Office Shifting Services

office shifting services

Our corporate shifting service proposition is aimed to offer speed, reliability, efficiency, security, and affordability.

  • We carefully pack your equipment and fragile goods with special protective packaging material.
  • Our 3 layer packaging process entails the use of bubble wrap, corrugated sheets and shrink wrap so that the goods are tightly fixed together for long travel.
  • We also offer you storage facilities to store important items, equipment, furniture and machinery for both long and short term purposes. You can even eradicate any unforeseen risk by taking up insurance.
  • Our team of professionals supervise the condition of your goods throughout transit and keep you updated about the same.
  • You can easily track your shifting process through our handy Mega Matic app.
  • We also help you load and unload so that you are all set to unpack!

Our Process

Office shifting is a daunting task, hence we as packers and movers take all the necessary planning into consideration to provide you with the best office shifting services

Step 1:

We consider the scope of the luggage, the weight and the priorities to create a plan of action

Step 2:

The second step would be to store things that need storage, like cupboards, tables, old equipment etc. Our storage facilities have been made with extreme safety to ensure vigilance

Step 3:

We pack and wrap all the goods with our special 3 layer packaging process. Since office equipment needs extra care, our professionals do the work for you to ensure that nothing is moving during transit

Step 4:

All the goods are packed, labelled and loaded in our trucks for the journey. Throughout it, our supervisors keep a tab on the goods and ensure that nothing is damaged

Step 5:

Our staff keeps you updated about the progress through various means like SMS, calls and emails. You can even track the progress in our Mega Matic app in real-time

Step 6:

Once the journey is complete, we help you unload, unpack and place the goods where they’re supposed to be placed for your employees

And voila! Your company is set to start a new journey.

How We Help

Mega offers some of the most affordable office shifting services in India. With decades of expertise in the industry, we hope to cater to your business shifting needs.

You can rely on our expertise to make things easier for your business. Our tested techniques and experienced staff aim to ensure that the goods reach their destination within the allotted timelines to ensure a seamless transition to your new office space.

Have plans of shifting your office? Get in touch with Mega Pack and Carry!