Move Fine Art With Peace Of Mind With Mega Pack And Carry

Mega Pack and Carry is an expert in fine art moving. We believe that some valuables are just priceless. Antiques, heirlooms, pieces of art, paintings and clay structures carry stories and emotions that are forever imprinted in them.

Hence, when the time comes to move these artefacts, it’s extremely important to take all required precautions to avoid any sort of damage or breakage. Therefore, at Mega Pack and Carry, our staff of professional movers and supervisors have been trained to look after and handle your valuable artefacts with care.

We offer fine art moving services for people as well as showrooms and businesses across India. Our staff backed by special equipment and vehicles, transport your goods safely with zero glitches and hassles.

Our Fine Art Moving Services

fine art moving

We understand that each piece of fine art is distinctive and exquisite. Our professional packers handle art, collectables and antiques with comprehensive caution and care.

  • Our staff is experienced in the packaging and delivery of fine art pieces, with our years of experience, we apply this to practice.
  • We have specialised storage facilities for artworks to ensure no harm comes to your precious pieces in the process. Temperature control facilities are also provided.
  • All your art pieces are packaged by using our 3 layer packaging process using special protective material. Boxes and crates are tailor-made to ensure their safety.
  • Our services are affordable and redeemable by anyone.
  • You can avail storage and insurance services with us to avoid any unforeseen risks.
  • We keep you updated about the progress of transport through various means.
  • While your goods are in transit, we ensure to have additional manpower handy to supervise the condition of your goods.
  • Finally, we help you unload so that you are all ready to unpack.

Our Process

Moving priceless goods need some cautious solutions. Hence, Mega’s fine art moving packers and movers go an extra mile to assure that.

Step 1:

We do an audit of all the goods that need moving and the ones that need storage. We also look into the quantity and weight of the goods and if they’d fit in our trucks. Based on the scope we craft a plan of action from point A to point B.

Step 2:

The next step is to store the goods that need storage. We have high-quality storage facilities that have temperature control, CCTV surveillance and supervisors guarding the areas, so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe.

Step 3:

Moving on, we package the goods with our trademark 3 layer packaging and load them in our trucks. Our efficient staff supervises the goods throughout transit and we keep you updated about the progress.

Step 4:

Once we reach the destination, we carefully unload and unpack the fragile goods first followed by the remaining if any. We do a thorough audit of the goods to ensure that they are in the perfect condition before wrapping up.

How We Help

Mega was established in 1972, ever since then, we have been working tirelessly to gain experience in the domain of logistics. Mega Pack and Carry is an initiative that is focused on helping people to relocate anywhere in the country through high-quality fine art moving.

Our services are centred around the requirements of our clients and we ensure that we make the most of the opportunity given to us.

Looking to shift fine art pieces? Give us a call!