Road Transportation

For decades, Mega has been a leading road transportation services provider in India. Ever since our establishment in 1972, we have been challenging the former systems and improving our logistic services in the country.

We transport goods of all sizes to and fro route destinations with multiple trucks as per requirements. It is our belief that road transportation is a crucial and imperative part of our organisation’s dedication to our clients and their businesses.

Road transportation has been an important form of transport for centuries. We started with horses and carts only to develop high-end machinery like trucks in this era. Today, there are various types of trucks available for all forms of goods and materials.

Thanks to this, companies can transport goods/products with ease and timeliness. Mega, aims to aid them in this endeavour.

Our Road Transportation Services

road transportation

Road transport is a combination of experience, precautions and convenience. At Mega, we take extra care to ensure that you have the right services for your goods.

  • We offer Full Truck Loads (FTL) and Oversized Dimensions Cargo (ODC) at a national level in various metric tonne capacities from 1 Metric Tonne to 120 Metric Tonnes.
  • MEGA’s expertise spans across verticals ranging from rubber, carbon, glass, pharma, auto components, tyres, consumer goods, steel, textiles etc.
  • We undertake the transportation of heavy ODC consignments like machinery and equipment booked through its branch locations across India.
  • Our hassle-free door-to-door pick-up and delivery service complemented by our impeccable ‘on-time’ performance ensure that our customers always have the competitive edge.
  • We also provide tailor-made solutions for shipments that require special attention and our dedicated team of industry experts are always available to meet your specific business needs.

We Can Help!

You can trust Mega with your company’s goods. We take extra precautions to ensure that your goods are safe, well-stored and well-handled by our team. You get additional perks like storage services, insurance and the convenience of a mobile app.

Opt for affordable road transportation service from Mega! Get in touch.