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    Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. is here to make the difficult process of moving your house or place of business easier for you. We know how important skilled packers and movers services are to making sure that the moving process goes smoothly.

    We provide a wide range of services, such as fine art moving, office and home shifting, storage, and shifting, to meet various demands and ensure your move is hassle-free. Our dedication to effectiveness, security and accuracy makes us stand out as the go-to option for packers and movers in Mumbai.

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    Services We Offer

    Packers And Movers Services

    When it comes to relocating your home or office, Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. offers a spectrum of reliable and efficient packers and movers services to ensure a smooth transition. Our dedication lies in providing tailored services that align with your unique requirements.

    1. Home Shifting Services

    Our home shifting services are meticulously designed to ensure a hassle-free relocation experience. Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. employs a team of skilled professionals who manage the entire process, from packing your personal belongings securely to safely transferring them to your new home. We prioritise efficiency and care, providing you with a seamless transition to your new living space.

    2. Office Shifting Services

    When it’s time to move your office, Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd’s office shifting services Shifting Services ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. Our systematic approach involves strategic planning, organised packing, and efficient transportation to ensure a smooth transition. We aim to relocate your office swiftly and precisely, allowing you to resume work promptly in your new workspace.

    3. Storage Services

    In addition to relocation, Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. offers reliable Storage Services to accommodate your temporary storage needs. Our facilities provide a secure environment for your items, offering various storage options tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s short-term storage during a move or for any other reason, our flexible solutions ensure the safety of your belongings until you need them again.

    4. Fine Art Moving Services

    Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. specialises in handling priceless and delicate artworks. Our trained professionals utilise specialised packaging materials and techniques to safeguard these treasures during transportation. With meticulous care and attention to detail, we ensure that your valuable artworks reach their destination unharmed.

    we care
    • We ensure the safety of your belongings
    • Get high-quality services at affordable prices
    • 3 layer packaging for additional security
    • Household storage facilities for long and short term
    • Prompt shifting service that delivers your belongings on time
    • Real-time tracking of deliveries
    • Transit Insurance Coverage is available
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    Logistics Services

    Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. excels in providing comprehensive logistics services tailored to diverse business needs. Our logistics solutions encompass strategic planning, efficient coordination, and seamless execution. Focusing on optimising supply chain operations, we ensure timely and cost-effective management of goods from the place of origin to the ultimate destination.

    1. Road Transportation

    Our road transportation services offer a versatile solution for transporting various goods. We offer a fleet of vehicles equipped to handle diverse cargo types and sizes. Our transportation options ensure safe and timely deliveries across different terrains and distances, from perishable goods to oversized equipment.

    2. Distribution Services

    We efficiently manage the distribution services to ensure streamlined product delivery. With an organised network and efficient handling, we guarantee timely dispatch and delivery of goods to designated locations. Our systematic approach ensures smooth operations for your distribution requirements.

    3. Warehouse Services

    At Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd, our warehouse services offer complete storage and warehousing solutions. With strategically located warehouses equipped with modern infrastructure, 24/7 security, as well as advanced inventory management systems, we ensure safe storage and efficient handling of goods. Our flexible solutions cater to varying storage needs across industries.

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    Showroom Shifting


    Office Shifting


    Car Shifting


    Pet Shifting


    Artefacts Shifting


    Household Storage Services

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    Our Unique Selling Point And Advanced Techniques

    As the best packers and movers in Mumbai, we stand out with our swift delivery, top-notch packaging techniques, tailored shifting solutions, a committed support team, and real-time tracking. We ensure seamless and efficient relocations.


    Quick Delivery

    Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. ensures rapid delivery by leveraging a streamlined process and a vast network. Employing optimised routes and efficient scheduling, we minimise downtime, ensuring swift and on-time deliveries during relocations.



    Our company employs high-quality packaging materials and advanced methods to secure clients’ possessions during transit. From sturdy boxes to specialised cushioning, we prioritise the safety of belongings, ensuring damage-free transportation.


    Shifting Solutions

    We offer diverse strategies to simplify the shifting process. Our tailored solutions cater to individual client needs, providing comprehensive assistance from planning to execution, ensuring a hassle-free relocation experience.


    Support Team

    Our dedicated support team plays a pivotal role in ensuring stress-free relocations. Trained professionals offer guidance, address client queries, and oversee operations to guarantee a seamless and comfortable relocation journey.


    Real-Time Tracking With Mega App

    Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. offers real-time tracking through the Mega App, providing customers with live updates on their consignment’s status, ensuring transparency and allowing better control over the relocation process.

    MEGA Freight Movers Ltd. stands out prominently in the competitive landscape as a premier relocation service provider, offering a seamless, stress-free experience to its clients. With an illustrious history spanning over five decades, we have accumulated unparalleled expertise and reliability in the industry. 

    Our extensive network, spanning across 1200+ cities in India, ensures widespread accessibility and prompt service. We ensure transparency and efficiency in every relocation by integrating cutting-edge technology like real-time tracking through the Mega App, a steadfast commitment to a 98% on-time delivery record, and unwavering customer support.

    Certificates And Awards

    ISO IBA Certified

    IBA Registration Number: MUM 1186

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    FSSAI licensecertified

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    Excellence Award 2010
    in by Goodyear India in
    FY 2010-11

    What Our Client Says


    Really professional team and 100% quality service. I recently hired them and really everything was done without any mess on a very smooth note. No breakage, no complaint. Highly recommended!

    ~ Deore Ujjwal

    I have relocated for the first time and i am completely satisfied with the services of Mega Pack & Carry. Great help provided on time no delay, thank you team. Would surely use it for future requirement as well.

    ~ Rahul Malhariya

    I have used their services and I am glad that I had selected the right movers and packers for my shifting. They did a great job without any hassle.

    ~ Ravishankar Pandey


    Different Items Transported by Mega Packers and Movers in Bandra

    At Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd., we transport a diverse range of items, including furniture, household goods, electronic appliances, fragile items, valuable possessions, and more, ensuring their safe and secure relocation within and beyond Bandra.

    How Safely Do Mega Packers and Movers Pack Goods?

    We prioritise the safety of your belongings. Our experienced team utilises high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, sturdy boxes, and padding to ensure that your goods are packed securely and safeguarded against any potential damage during transit.

    What Are the Necessary Packing Materials Used Inside the Boxes?

    Inside the boxes, we use a combination of protective materials such as bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, and cushioning to provide maximum protection for your items. Our aim is to ensure that each item is adequately secured within the boxes.

    Which Are the Areas in Bandra That Mega Packers and Movers Can Access?

    We have widespread access throughout Bandra, covering all major localities and neighbourhoods. We cater to a broad spectrum of areas within Bandra and ensure comprehensive service delivery.

    Which Kind of Vehicles Will Be Utilized to Transport My Belongings?

    We deploy a versatile fleet of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and other suitable vehicles based on the size and volume of your belongings. This diverse range of vehicles allows us to transport your possessions safely and efficiently.

    Does Mega Provide Intercity/Interstate House Shifting Services?

    Yes, we offer intercity and interstate house-shifting services. Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd. facilitate relocation not only within Bandra but also across different cities and states, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shifting experience.

    Can Unique Objects Like a Grand Piano or a Sizable Aquarium Be Moved With the Help of Mega Packers and Movers in Bandra?

    Absolutely! At Mega Pack and Carry Pvt. Ltd., we have the expertise and specialised equipment to relocate unique and delicate items like grand pianos, sizable aquariums, and other valuable possessions with the utmost care and precision. Our trained professionals ensure their safe and secure transportation during the move.