Read This Before You Relocate Your Pet

Relocate Your Pet

As relocation service providers, we have seen all sorts of transportation in our years of operations. Therefore, we can safely say that one of the most cautious types of moving that we have done involves transporting animals.

Pets are precious, it doesn’t matter whether you have a dog or a cat or even a fish. These precious souls deserve all the love in this world. Hence, we take extra care to ensure that your pets are comfortable and happy during the move. If you are planning to get relocation services for your pets, then read the Do’s and Don’t’s before you relocate your pets.

Do thorough research

Unlike other forms of transport, pet transport requires a different form of paperwork and approvals. You will have to research and obtain documents like vaccine certificates, no rabies certificate, NOCs, health certificate from doctors etc. This could vary based on the location, country, and their rules. When planned ahead, this will make yours as well as our relocation process easier.

Keep the specifics in mind

To relocate pets in India, the government has certified safety measures that you need to take during transportation. Different modes of transport have different rules, for example, Indian Railways have a specific set of rules pertaining to food, collars and cages. Even airlines have led out rules for transport like the kennel size, ventilation, weight etc. Therefore, no matter what transport you choose, ensure that you have all the specifics booked and covered.

Your pet’s health is crucial

Ensure that your pet is fit to travel before relocation. Many pets get anxious when they are separated from their home and families. Therefore, during the transit, try to make things comfortable for them like ensuring a good food plan, a pet sitter if possible, engraving your contact and address on your pet’s collar or cage, comfortable collars and pans for scooping dirt, cages of sufficient sizes to allow the pet to move and don’t forget First Aid Kits.

Leave it to the professionals

If relocating pets in a new territory for you then don’t hesitate to rely on packers and movers to provide you with 360 solutions. Many good companies not only offer decent kennels and carriers but they also help you throughout the paperwork. These professionals know the situation and have experience in the domain, so choose an experienced company for your friends.

Final Thoughts

It’s natural to be stressed when you relocate your furry friends. Therefore, to keep them safe and happy you need to take all the necessary precautions. Choose packers and movers that won’t treat your friends like goods and will instead take complete care and make them feel loved throughout the journey.

Your pets deserve the best. If you need relocation services from Mega then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will take your requests forward.

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Hi. I am Nitin O Mahipal the Managing Director of Mega Group that offers Logistics and Relocation services across India. After my Masters in the UK, I reluctantly joined Mega and scaled up the logistics operations amidst industry challenges. I look forward to your views on the blog. Thank you.