Why Do Fine Art Objects Need 3 Layer Packaging?

3 layer packaging

Antiques and artworks are irreplaceable objects. They are precious to their owners because of their uniqueness and historical significance. Sometimes for public viewing, these objects are relocated to museums and art galleries in the country. Relocating these objects to different locations is worrisome in itself. The worst nightmare of any art collector is their collection getting damaged in the shifting process.

Individual packaging and moving can be tedious work. Moreover, with limited resources in hand, protection of artworks is impossible. And that’s where relocation expertise comes into the picture.

These professionals have abundant resources to pack and transport objects with utmost care and protection. Moreover, when the artwork depicts the history and is expensive, it is better to trust professional packers and movers to not break it.

Why Do You Need Protective Packing?

Protection from damages

It is impossible to transport art pieces without any packing at all. There are different types of protective packing materials for each artwork. The materials include polyethylene plastic films, bubble wraps, foams, packaging papers, cardboard boxes, crates and others.

Further, packaging depends on the type of artwork. For instance, you cannot pack a painting in just a paper. It needs plastic sheeting as the base layer, then a layer of paper and cardboard if necessary.

Three layers of protective packaging are best recommended against mechanical damages, humidity, and sunlight that can be extremely harmful to the objects. Professionals with years of experience in artwork packing know what’s best for the art piece. They select the most suitable wrapping and boxes for art protection from any external damages.

Regular art lovers are generally unaware of all the nuances of the packing process. Therefore, hiring fine art moving services can be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Safe transport

Another reason to hire professional packers and movers is that all artworks should be fixed during transportation. For example, for artworks transported by road, there may be few bumps in the road that may damage items. Especially art pieces of off-standard size, they should be treated with increased care and safety.

Hence, three layers of protective packaging is the only way to protect the item on the move. Although the routes are planned considering road surface conditions, proper fixing and protective packing are still obligatory.

Here’s a list of packing layers that are widely used for packaging objects across the globe.

Types of Protective Packaging Layers

Bubble wraps

Bubble wraps are the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of packing art objects. It is a great material to use when you’re protecting fragile art pieces. They offer the dual benefit of protection and packaging.


Art objects with pointed edges can easily get damaged from hitting the sides of crates. Foams are efficient for padding and protection in such cases. Depending on the shape and size, it can be customized for the level of protection needed in a particular product.

Packaging paper

Packaging paper is a specialized paper used for packing objects. It is accompanied with adhesives for keeping the material intact with the art piece.

Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Sheet is a versatile packing material. It could prevent the object from slipping or sliding in the course of transit. It is an efficient way to store heavy art objects such as statues, paintings or metal works and avoid any damage.


Crates usually depend on the size and shape of the artwork. They are commonly used as a final layer of protection. Crates packing ensures every art piece is kept safe during transportation.


Packing and relocation of fine arts is a precious process and requires expert handling. Professional packers and movers know the right packing material for the object, which people are unaware of.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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