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5 Signs That It’s Time To Move Home To A New Place

Moving homes from one place to another is a big decision. A lot of people often hesitate to move homes until something significant has happened to their life. You may have stuck to a home for decades with complete disregard to whether it is good for you or not. The reason for this is the lack of understanding in finding the right time to move.

Of course, a lot of different factors play a role like time, money, job status etc. Something must have kept you tied to your place however, you instinctively know that something’s not right and that it’s time to move. This instinct is probably the reason you’re reading this blog now.

So we’d like to help make things clear by listing out signs that it’s time to move homes to a new place.

Your Neighbourhood Safety

There was time that your neighbourhood was probably the best place to live in. But over time it may have become a dangerous place. Now you wonder if it’s safe to step out at night and are always vigilant whenever you leave or return home. These kinds of anxieties build up overtime and can put you at risk, so its probably right to move away.

Lack Of Growth

Apart from dangerous situations there may be lack or growth or facilities in your society. Underdeveloped roads, no renovation in building, no redevelopment and no scope of either of them in the long run. This sort of dead-end in growth is definitely a good sign to get away to a better location.


Millions of people migrate homes in India everyday. Most of it is done for occupational purposes. If you are not happy with your current job and have a great opportunity somewhere else, then it’s time to shift. New places give ways to new possibilities and your job can be a great catalyst in the journey.

Your Home Is Either Too Big Or Small

While many Indians dream of having a big home, the reality is sometimes different. Big homes require big maintenance and they can eat your budget a lot. Besides if you have a big house, chances are you might not know what to do with it. If you feel uncomfortable in your big house after a period of time then maybe it’s time to switch.

Similarly, small homes can make you feel cramped. A lot of Indians migrate to small homes on rent to save money, but they don’t always make you feel at ease. You probably don’t have space to store the ever-increasing belongings. When this happens, it’s time to change instead of living in a cramped situation for your own health and well-being.

You Aren’t Happy At Home

Our house is supposed to be a safe haven that makes us feel at home. If you don’t feel that happiness or excitement you felt the first time you bought your house, then it’s a great time to shift. Your house probably doesn’t have any faults or problems, but if something inside you just doesn’t make you happy anymore then you need a change of scenery, or probably a new chapter in life.

Do you have any other reasons to shift home? Write to us and let us know! We at Mega Pack and Carry have moved hundreds of homes and have heard stories from our customers about their excitement for a new phase in life. Sometimes these stories are of happiness, sometimes of failure and sadness. But as responsible packers and movers, we take it on ourselves to be with them throughout this new chapter in their life. We move homes with care.

You can get in touch with us for home shifting services. Call us, let’s have a chat.

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Hi. I am Nitin O Mahipal the Managing Director of Mega Group that offers Logistics and Relocation services across India. After my Masters in the UK, I reluctantly joined Mega and scaled up the logistics operations amidst industry challenges. I look forward to your views on the blog. Thank you.