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Know how to claim your moving insurance

Know how to claim your moving insurance edit

How would you feel if you witnessed some of your most prized possessions damaged or went missing during your relocation? While it is something you can’t foresee, you can definitely protect yourself from financial ruin by signing an insurance claim with your hired moving company.

Even if you have hired a skilled and experienced team, having moving insurance on hand is a good idea. It will alleviate your concerns concerning the goods that are important to you during the transfer.

What is Moving Insurance?

It is a policy that will protect personal or business products when they are transported from one area to another by any means of transport. Natural disasters or unexpected threats such as fire, earthquake, accidents, robbery, and explosion can cause loss or damage to property as well.

Said this, do not confuse your valid home insurance with a moving insurance. Home insurance covers your belongings, but it does not cover any losses incurred during the relocation process. However, you can make this effortless by hiring professional packers and movers in Mumbai like Mega, and protect all of your belongings by purchasing a suitable moving insurance policy or transit insurance.

There are twol kinds of moving insurances available like,

1. Full value protection:

The relocation business will give cash settlements, repair of damaged objects insured, replacement coverage, and other services in the event that goods are lost or destroyed.

2. Declared value protection:

The insurance sum can only be claimed for insured household goods under this moving insurance. People must declare the true value of their belongings, and the cost of moving insurance will be calculated accordingly.

You may purchase the one that suits your needs best. If confused, speak with your packing and moving company to decide.

What documents to keep handy while submitting a claim?

First of, the below mentioned documents can come handy for the claim process,

1. Original invoice of goods in transit
2. Landing bill
3. Shipping and Shipper details
4. Complete claim form with signatures
5. Any other documents that would have been mentioned by insurance provider

How to claim your insurance?

If you observe any damage to your belongings after the moving company delivers them to you, an official insurance claim procedure can be requested right away.

1. Create a list of evidence via images for damage and the most recent product image that you may have for comparison. You can also consider the photos for the externally damaged packaging to prove it further.

2. Attach the damaged products invoice to determine its genuine value.

3. The above should be shared with the insurance provider as well as to the moving company you hired for the delivery.

4. The insurance company will review your proof and react within 7 business days, authorizing a damaged goods inspection.

5. When an insurance company or a moving business authorizes an examination, the damaged box or objects will be collected within 5 working days for the inspection.

6. If your claim is approved, you must complete an insurance claim form and return it within 14 days. If your damaged products can be fixed, including an invoice for the repair costs.

7. If your application or claim request is denied, you may be required to provide additional documentation as per the provider’s requirements.

Summing up

It may appear to be a grueling procedure, and it may be at times. As a result, contact professionals who will handle your valuables with the help of a skilled team. Mega Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Pune, Panvel, and across India have experienced specialists who will treat your belongings with care, ensuring that you never have to worry about damaged items or the need to file an insurance claim.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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