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Common mistakes that Shippers make with your packages

Common mistakes that Shippers make with your packages edit

Situations can go wrong in the world of freight shipping in several ways, from missed pickups to bad packing, there could be possibilities to be prepared for. Whether you’re a seasoned logistics professional or just starting out in the field and don’t know how to move LTL freight, distractions, or even mere cluelessness can lead to costly errors.

Fortunately, the most common shipping blunders are usually avoided, especially if you know how to send freight properly and what to watch out for. Avoid the worst-case scenarios with these notes below,

1. Packaging

Poor packaging can be one of the most common yet troublesome misses. Now, you may not be able to influence how your items are handled while in transportation, but you can certainly influence how effectively they are protected before they leave your possession. Your shipment is only as safe as the medium in which it is packed, and poor packaging almost always results in damaged freight. Always use the appropriate materials for the things you’re sending, based on their size, weight, shape, fragility, and value, according to your company’s freight packaging rules.

2. Weather

Even if you package your freight correctly, if it isn’t protected from the climate, all of your efforts will be for naught. Depending on your products and climate, shippers without well-covered loading docks are vulnerable to items being damaged by wind, rain, snow, or even heat and sun.

You may want to protect your packing with utmost attention to the packing details.

3. Damage inspection

Failing to inspect received freight for damage can leave you liable for costly replacements, particularly if the package is then forwarded to another customer. Furthermore, signing for and accepting damaged freight without inspection reduces your ability to file an insurance claim after the damage is detected.

4. Incorrect classification

With as many classification codes as there are clouds in the sky, it’s understandable if you get them mixed up now and then. Using the incorrect code, might result in false quotations, higher shipping expenses, re-class fees, and even damaged shipments due to mishandled items.

5. Misunderstanding

It can get challenging to expect your shipment to arrive on time if your shipping quote includes a scheduled delivery date that isn’t listed as “assured.” The shipping schedules are simply estimates and may vary at any time. If you need your freight delivered by a certain date, choose a delivery method that gives you complete control over the delivery schedule.

However, with Mega freight, you will always be informed about the status of your shipment and delivery.

6. Insurance

It may appear to be an unnecessary expense, but trust us when we say that insurance is essential. You’ll spend a great deal of money restoring your entire shipment than insuring it against potential disaster if your things are stolen from a truck or facility, or if they’re destroyed in a traffic accident or natural disaster.

7. Bill of Lading

Your BOL serves as an identification card for your shipment: It contains all of the crucial information that must be communicated between you, the carrier, and the recipient. There will be no receipt for your items if you don’t have it, and your shipment will be left in limbo. Furthermore, inaccurate or missing details on the BOL can cause delays in delivery and even damage your shipment.

Summing up

Now that you’re aware of how inconvenient and complicated it can be, work with a shipping company like us, Mega Freight to streamline all of your responsibilities for you. They will send your belongings without problem, wherever and whenever you need them, because we operate with really professional teams.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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