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4 Mistakes To Avoid While Packing Boxes For Your Move

Mistakes To Avoid While Packing Boxes For Your Move

Making the decision of moving is an easy task. But actually doing the move? Now that’s challenging.

Packing your entire household and relocating it from one place to another is not easy. Mistakes are bound to happen when you are packing so many things at once. You may end up breaking your belongings, losing them or storing them incorrectly.

To help you avoid these mistakes, we, the packers and movers at Mega are here to help you with a few tips and good-to-know information. Let’s make your packing and boxing process seamless!

Mistakes To Avoid While Packing Boxes For Your Move

Not categorizing items

Packing whatever comes in your hand haphazardly will result in nothing but clutter. Moreover, packing fragile items with sturdy ones can prove to be damaging. To avoid this, you need to categorize your items. Maybe you can have boxes dedicated to specific items like delicate crockery, bedroom items, kitchenware, furniture etc. This will help you plan boxing accordingly.

Not having additional layers

One of the biggest mistakes people make is stuffing the items together to save space. While saving space is good, your belongings are not safe in any way. Remember that moving is a rough task and your items move within the boxes. To avoid this, it’s best to add layers of protection to each item to prevent them from moving.

For example, the packers and movers at Mega Pack and Carry provide 3 layer packaging including bubble wrap, corrugated sheets and shrink wraps. You can follow the same procedure or rely on us to get your packaging done.

Not planning ahead

Packing is a HUMONGOUS task. It’s best to not leave it for the last minute. In fact, it should be your priority. Ensure that you are packed and ready at least 3 days before your big move. This will you as well as the moving company to grasp the number of items and weight you have and they will plan the move accordingly, including budget.

Packing everything at the last minute will result in haphazard stuffing and in turn will do more harm than good.

Not labelling items

Labelling your items will help you locate where your stuff goes. It will also help the movers to load your belongings accordingly. With the help of labels, you can keep track of the number of boxes and items you have to ensure you don’t lose anything. Don’t forget to label your boxes before the move!

Finally, don’t forget to keep enough packing supplies at hand! You can easily run out of those in the process.

With these tips, we hope your move will be stress-free. The better you pack and store your goods, the easier it will be to load and unload them. If you ever need a helping hand, then don’t forget to get in touch with us!

Mega Pack and Carry provides one of the best and safest relocation services to its customers.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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