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Pros And Cons Of Expedited Shipping


In a fast-moving world, the demand for goods and products are as high as ever. Consumers want their products delivered fast, companies want their raw materials to be promptly received on time. This type of demand has given rise to expedited shipping and logistics firms are ensuring that they make good use of it. Let’s dive deeper.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

As the word says, expedited shipping is faster than standard shipping. It means that your package/goods would be delivered faster than normal.

Various industries use expedited shipping like ecommerce, pharma, medical equipment industry, FMCG, pharma industry etc. It is especially very important in the ecommerce industry as customers are ready to pay an extra cost for faster shipping.

Brands like Amazon and Flipkart are some of the companies that provide expedited delivery for an additional cost through Prime membership or Flipkart Assured.

As good as expedited shipping is, like any other transport system it does have its own pros and cons.

Pros Of Expedited Shipping

Faster Delivery

The biggest advantage of expedited shipping is of course speed and faster deliveries. As mentioned above, faster deliveries enable ecommerce brands to earn better as well as provide customers with goods on time. Even in medical industries, where equipment and medicines are required on priority, faster deliveries can ensure good treatment of patients and even save a life.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers receive their goods/packages on time, it leads to high customer satisfaction. This in turn leads to customer loyalty and more sales. It’s a win-win situation.


Expedited shipping is the only method that gives you guaranteed shipping as per your preferred time and day.

Safety and security

Logistics companies providing expedited shipping ensure that your goods reach fast. This means that there will be less halting during the transit, preventing any chances of damage and theft. Through this fast process, logistics companies can ensure the security and safety of goods.

Cons Of Expedited Shipping


The biggest disadvantage of expedited shipping is the cost required to transport goods. Goods are often transported through airways and they can become extremely expensive depending on the weight and type of goods transported.


Any mode of transport, even if it’s expedited, faces the risk of accidents. Planes, ships and trains have different forms of risks and calamities. The risk factor will always be there regardless of precautions.

As logistics providers, we understand that every form of shipping has its own pros and cons, however, expedited shipping is generally safe as well as a great investment for a brand.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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