ODC Transportation

When it comes to ODC transportation, Mega Freight is known as a leader in the domain. Since our establishment in 1972, we have grown our network of branches. Having over 1500 trucks and vehicles at your disposal, you can rest assured that deliveries will take place on time.

Our logistic services are crafted for all heavy goods like heavy machinery, plant equipment and other large consignments and packages. Our staff is well-trained to handle all types of heavy objects, plants, machinery and containers. We keep an eye on your goods throughout transportation so that the goods reach on time with zero damage.

Having catered to a multitude of clients across countless verticals, we can assure you that our services are worth your time, budget and effort.

Our ODC Transportation Services

odc transportation

We offer Full Truck Loads (FTL) and Oversized Dimensions Cargo (ODC) across the nation in various metric tonne capacities ranging from 1 Metric Tonne to 120 Metric Tonnes.

  • Our staff takes care of your heavy object and supervises it throughout transit.
  • We provide hassle-free and door-to-door pickup and drop services.
  • Our staff packages your goods with protective material and ensures that our 3-layer packaging process is done well.
  • You can keep a track on all the progress through our Mega Matic app, our team also keeps you in the loop about the same through various means like SMS and emails.

ODC transportation has to be taken under full security and safety, therefore a plan of action is required to carry out the entire process. We create the same along with all the crucial equipment that would be needed for the journey.

Our team has the skills and means to transport your goods, no matter the requirement.


How We Help

For decades, Mega Freight has provided logistics services across multiple verticals to our clients. Having made thousands of deliveries across the country, we have earned the skills, resources and manpower that will help your business and supply chain thrive.

You can rely on Mega to fulfil ODC transportation needs with efficient staff, reliable vehicles, and proven facilities to transport your goods on time.
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