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Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving Vehicles

Have a car or a bike that you love to bits? We know the feeling! We run on vehicles after all, especially big beauties like ODC trucks. Maintaining a vehicle is a commitment, so it’s only natural to protect it however we can.

That’s why when moving vehicles, we understand how our clients feel when they see their prized possession being handled by others during a move. It isn’t uncommon for vehicles to get damaged, scratched or stolen when shifting bases. That’s why to avoid such mishaps, here are a few tips to those relocating their cars, bikes, trucks, cycles and more.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving Vehicles

Before you move a vehicle, you first need to do all the preparations for the move. This would include the following:

Clean Your Car

Clean your car from the inside and wash it thoroughly from the outside. This also helps you to understand the status of damage incurred (if any) during the move. A tip would be to take pictures of your vehicle and save them for inspection later. Also, it’s better to have a clean car during the move because if additional dust accumulates on an already dusty car then it could affect the engine in the long run.

Check The Condition Of Your Car

Check if your car/bike has any damage that could prove to be fatal during the move. Oil leakage, gas leakage can result in horrible accidents if something goes wrong. Also ensure that they are in a decent working condition, so if any damage incurs, you’d know whose fault it is.

Pack All The Necessities

Remove all the things you keep inside your car like stereo, documents, radar detector, E-pass and so on. Even with proper security, there are chances of them getting damaged or stolen.

Get Your Car Ready For Road

Check tires before moving. Charge your vehicle or fuel-up the tank, ensuring it’s half full. Cover the seats of your vehicle with plastic. Remove any accessories you might have on the outside. Get your car/bike ready for weather changes if needed. Don’t forget to lock the car properly.


Keep all your vehicle documents in place. Ensure that you have working insurance coverage in case any damage occurs. Also keep other important documents like PUC, Bills, maintenance records etc, you never know when you’d need them.

Get Help

Hire experienced companies that have the knowledge of vehicle shifting. Some packers and movers provide great moving services that get the work done without any hassle. In case of vehicles, it is highly recommended that you look for a moving company that provides additional perks like packaging and wrapping, handling documentation, great supervision and management. Because management is the key for moving a huge commodity like a car or bike. These companies take full accountability of your vehicle and ensure that it reaches you damage-free.

If you need help, come to us! Mega Pack and Carry has been in the relocation business for quite a long time now. We have helped relocate hundreds of clients with ease and convenience and we offer easy vehicle moving services too!

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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