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Things To Consider Before Choosing Packers And Movers For Car Shifting


Shifting brings many unforeseen challenges. Moving all of your belongings is complicated enough that you have an additional worry of transporting your car as well. Moreover, it can be tiring if the move is long-distance or to another state.

However, there are stress-free solutions to relocate your car amid all the moving. One of the most popular ways to transport it is to hire packers and movers. By opting to ship it, you won’t have to worry about driving it by yourself. There are two options in your hand if you decide on moving your vehicle.

Option 1: Moving the car with your belongings

This might be an additional load onto the transport with all your furniture and household items. It can be expensive because packing and moving companies charge by weight too.

Option 2: Moving the car separately

It is advisable to hire packers and movers services that also specialize in shipping automobiles. They will transport your car either on an open-air trailer or in an enclosed truck. The latter is preferable to avoid any possible damage happening due to weather conditions. This could also affect the price, so therefore you might want to check with the company thoroughly.

Before hiring any professional help to ship your car, there are a few important tips worth knowing to aid you to get the best solution. Have a look.

Hire the best automobile transport company.

An effective way to find the best packers and movers offering car relocation is to check your local listing. Hiring transportation services is often a beneficial move for people who would rather avoid driving their car for miles.

However, before selecting a particular mover, do a little research on the company and know what level of vehicle protection they can guarantee. An ideal way to decide the best company is to shortlist different companies and gather moving quotations. It is advisable to select a company that offers both home shifting and vehicle shifting services. It is a cost-effective way and will also save your time in looking for other options.

Before hiring, make sure you check whether the company is licensed and verified, has years of experience and insurance coverage. Also, check customers reviews and testimonials online to know their efficiency. This altogether will offer you a fair idea of the company you are hiring for your belongings.

Next, prepare your car for shipping.

It is important to prepare your vehicle for the move before the moving day. Wash your car thoroughly to know if there are any existing damages. This will later help you detect any possible damage caused during the transit process.

Also, your car should be empty of all unnecessary and unwanted items. During the move, your vehicle may experience a few bumps. To avoid tossing things, remove items like speakers, air freshener, spare charger, etc. It is also advisable not to fill up the fuel tank. Keep it half or less than it to avoid the unnecessary weight of the car. Otherwise, it could result in additional transportation fees.

Cost estimation

To get an accurate quote it’s important to have certain information available. Therefore be prepared to provide information such as the number and types of vehicles to be moved, moving date, distance and other details. By providing this information, the packer and movers can provide you with an accurate estimate. Also, make sure to ask whether the company provides door-to-door services. This can also be an added factor in finalizing the cost.


Long-distance shifting can be a little worrisome for the safe moving of your vehicle. Moreover, it’s impossible to drive the car to the new location. By hiring packers and movers, you can save yourself a lot of time and money, plus be stress-free during the shipping.

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Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

Nitin O Mahipal - MD of Mega group

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